Filming & Editing

From the leafy suburbs of London to the blistering heat of war torn South Sudan, our film experience is hard to replicate.

Drummer's team brings a wealth of skills to even the most modest production, with experience including BBC, Sky, Channel 4, Netflix and other top flight production companies. We have access to and experience of using cutting edge equipment, with the full range of cameras and lenses, audio recording, lighting, aerial filming, and much more at our disposal.

Creative ideas, skilled pre-production, well executed filming, and expert post-production translates into a finished edit that has, on several occasions, moved to tears. Every element is carefully planned and crafted to create emotive, effective films that tell your story in the most engaging way possible.

Capturing the world as we experience it and creating it as we want it to be

More Creative From Drummer

Compassion & Hillsong Church
Our film work in Uganda has helped to promote a unique global partnership between Compassion and Hillsong Church.
Broomwood In Ethiopia
A suite of promotional resources for Broomwood in Ethiopia to communicate the charity's aims, ethos and impact to a new audience.
Chelsea Football Club
A promotional video for Stamford Bridge, home of Chelsea Football Club.
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