360 and VR

Our 360 & VR experiences transport audiences to new worlds.

At Drummer, we make it our mission to be on the cutting edge of every new opportunity to communicate with and engage audiences. 360-degree video and Virtual Reality provide a truly immersive experience which can transport people to another world. We understand the potential this offers and have utilised the opportunities to provide engaging experiences for our clients and their target audiences.

We film and edit live action in 360, or create computer generated Virtual Reality worlds to bring your product or services to life. New applications for these technologies are developing all the time, and we are always looking to the future to help our clients communicate in new, unique and effective ways.

More Creative From Drummer

Compassion & Hillsong Church
Our film work in Uganda has helped to promote a unique global partnership between Compassion and Hillsong Church.
Broomwood In Ethiopia
A suite of promotional resources for Broomwood in Ethiopia to communicate the charity's aims, ethos and impact to a new audience.
Chelsea Football Club
A promotional video for Stamford Bridge, home of Chelsea Football Club.
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